Access to Health

Key Initiatives

U.S. Patient
Assistance Programs

U.S. Patient
Assistance Programs
Key Initiatives

We believe that no one should go without the medicines or vaccines they need.

That is why our company provides our medicines and adult vaccines for free to people who do not have prescription drug or health insurance coverage and who, without our assistance, could not afford these medicines and vaccines. This is consistent with our company’s long-held values and tradition of putting patients first.

More than 55 years ago, our company created our first U.S. patient assistance program (PAP) to keep affordable medicines within patients’ reach. Through these programs, we have provided more than 35.6 million free prescriptions and adult vaccines, representing a total value (wholesale acquisition cost) of more than $4.1 billion.

Learn more about our U.S. patient assistance programs, including eligibility requirements.


We work to raise awareness of our patient assistance program among doctors and eligible patients via brochures, and applications posted on our website and other company communications, including social media. All toll-free phone lines for our medicines and/or vaccines include an option for patients to learn about our patient assistance programs.

Partnership for Prescription Assistance

We also participate in the pharmaceutical industry initiative Partnership for Prescription Assistance (PPA). The Partnership brings together America’s pharmaceutical companies, as well as doctors, patient advocacy organizations and civic groups, to help low-income, uninsured patients get free or nearly free brand-name medicines. PPA does this through a single website that provides information for and access to more than 475 public and private patient-assistance programs, including more than 200 programs offered by pharmaceutical companies like ours. To date, PPA has helped millions of Americans get free or reduced-cost prescription medicines.

Our participation in PPA underscores our commitment to help the uninsured gain access to our medicines and vaccines. Learn more about the Partnership for Prescription Assistance.


Patient Assistance Programs Summary
Patients utilizing our U.S. Patient Assistance Program1 (thousands)379444400301293
30-day prescriptions filled (millions)
Total value of our company's medicines dispensed under our U.S. Patient Assistance Program (in millions)2$301.2$559.0$566.4$432.9$566.6
1 Totals represent 2011 to 2015 volumes of our U.S. Patient Assistance Program
2 Totals are based on the U.S. wholesale acquisition cost (WAC) and cover all programs.

The main driver of changes within the patient and prescription volumes for 2013–2015 may be a result of the impact of the Affordable Care Act, as well as, periodic changes in the products covered in the U.S. patient assistance program. These changes are due, in part, to company divestitures, the introduction of competing products, and the availability of generic alternatives.