The superior talent, competitive skill set and collaborative approach to problem-solving characteristic of our company’s global employee population make them our greatest strength and most powerful resource for business growth. They are the fundamental link to our vision of solving the greatest healthcare challenges and helping the world “be well.”

We recognize that harnessing the knowledge and insight of a best-in-class workforce—one that is gender-balanced and diverse—requires leadership, a corporate culture of respect and engagement, as well as a thoughtful and strategic approach to employee development, workplace inclusion, and work/life flexibility. Through the Office of Global Diversity and Inclusion and through Employee Business Resource Groups (EBRGs) we support programs that actively welcome the different and diverse perspectives of all employees—across race, gender, ethnicity, culture, age, disability, religion, gender identity, gender expression and veteran status. At our company, we have ten EBRGs (Women, Latino/Hispanic, African-Ancestry/Black, Asia Pacific, Native American/Indigenous, Millennials, LGBT, Interfaith, Differently Able and Veterans.

We encourage and support continuous learning and ensure that employees have ample opportunities to network, build important stakeholder relationships, learn new skills, and hear the perspectives of senior leaders to further their knowledge and ability to contribute to the business. Leveraging a new program called “DRIVEN” (Delivering Real Insights Via Employee Networks) employees are able to make meaningful contributions to the business in a private, market research on-line community. This enables efficient and compliant engagement of our EBRGs to provide business, customer, brand and research development insights via market research methods.

Balancing professional objectives with personal goals can be challenging at times. Therefore, we offer well-managed flexible work arrangements—flextime, job-sharing, part-time, compressed work week, telecommuting and remote work—to support the demands of many employees while enabling them to fully contribute to their professional goals.

We value the health and safety of employees and provide ample resources to support and nurture healthier habits at work and at home.

We strive to create an environment that encourages employees to “bring their whole selves to work.” We offer a wide variety of tools, programs and resources to enable us to tap into the unique perspectives and innovative ideas of our employees to meet the healthcare needs of an increasingly diverse customer base.


Diversity & Inclusion2011201220132014
Executive roles held by women1,235%31%31%31%
Women on the Board17%17%17%17%
Underrepresented ethnic groups on the Board11%25%25%25%
Underrepresented ethnic groups in the workforce (U.S.)29%24%24%24%
Response rate to the Voice Survey63%77%77%78%
Employees who completed a health assessment (U.S.)58%58%62%57%
Overall turnover rate314.0%11.0%15.5%15.0%
Lost-time incident rate (LTIR)40.300.270.280.20
Recordable injury rate (RIR)40.740.620.610.57
Employees who took release time according to the global policy on employee volunteerism511.0%15.0%NA12.5%
Volunteer hours5213,000221,000NA186,400
NA: Not available.
1 Beginning with 2012, data reported for women are global; previously, these data were limited to the U.S.
2 “Executive” is defined as the chief executive officer and two structural levels below.
3 Overall turnover incorporates all types of turnover, including restructuring.
4 Workplace injury rates for 2012 have been restated for accuracy as well as associated percentage change vs. prior year.
5 As a result of the transition to a new website and vendor for our employee giving programs, our company’s total volunteer hours are not available for 2013.

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