Positive Work Environment

Engaging Our

Engaging Our
Positive Work Environment

We strive to foster employee engagement at our company by promoting a positive work environment and by communicating proactively with all employees.

Research shows that engaged employees work more efficiently and effectively, are motivated to perform beyond minimal expectations, and consequently contribute more desirable business outcomes to the organization.

Employee engagement is achieved through trust, mutual commitment and transparent communication. Maintaining employee engagement requires a bottom-up (from employees) and top-down (from the company) communications strategy. As we do with our external stakeholders, we work to understand our employees’ concerns, needs and thoughts pertaining to our company’s strengths and weaknesses, while at the same time informing them of our business strategy and progress towards our goals.

Through our global enterprise portal, known internally as “Sync,” employees worldwide can gain access to company news and videos, divisional and functional news channels, and organizational communities that allow them to share interests, messages and ideas online. Other employee communications vehicles include quarterly Employee Business Briefings, periodic town hall meetings, email communications from senior management and employee surveys–in particular the Voice Survey which reaches all employees.

Voice Survey: Our Global Employee Opinion Survey

As part of our mission to maintain a satisfying and productive work environment, we routinely survey all employees to learn their perspectives on the business and on how we are responding to the needs of our global workforce. The Voice Survey, an all-employee opinion survey, is our flagship employee feedback medium.

As of 2015, the Voice Survey has been moved to a biannual administration.

Offered in 20 languages, the Voice Survey helps our company leaders and managers understand employees’ perspectives on our culture and its effect on the company’s ability to meet our business objectives, as well as what drives employee engagement. We communicate highlights of the survey results through meetings with our employees, in our employee publications, on Sync and through summaries that are distributed via email.

Voice Survey
Response rate to Voice Survey77%77%78%NA
Engagement Index1
(favorable response rate)
Culture Index2
(favorable response rate)
NA: Not available.
1 The Engagement Index is a composite averaging scores from three aspects: engaged, enabled, and energized.
2 The Culture Index is a composite averaging scores from three aspects: customer focus, reputation and trust, and innovation.

While we didn’t conduct the Voice Survey in 2015, overall results from previous years are encouraging, and suggest positive momentum for the organization. Employees feel that the strategy is moving us in the right direction. Since administration of the 2014 survey, we’ve been working to increase collaboration, share customer insights, and drive innovation. We’re looking forward to the September 2016 administration to evaluate how effectively we’ve addressed these employee issues.

Professional Networking and Collaboration

We enable employees to provide feedback through a community platform on Sync and via brief, three-to-five-question surveys and open-comment forms attached to key communications. Soliciting employee feedback on the subject of the communication in real time gives us the information we need to close knowledge gaps and address employee concerns. Such direct employee feedback has resulted in “meet and greet” sessions hosted by our CEO and our Executive Committee that give employees yet another opportunity to share information with senior leaders in a more personal setting.

We conduct global employee briefings every quarter. Our CEO and members of the Executive Committee speak to employees about how we are fulfilling our company mission and goals. These sessions cover topics such as the quarterly financial performance update, pipeline progress, customer stories and anticipated product developments.

We ensure that our employees have ample opportunity to engage, network, build important stakeholder relationships, learn new skills, and hear the perspectives of the senior-most leaders to broaden their thinking. Our company creates a nurturing, inclusive environment, by ensuring that employees quickly develop strong relationships with supervisors, connectivity with coworkers, and meaningful work growth and development. In addition, we leverage the business insights of all employees, including those who are members of D.R.I.V.E.N. (Delivering Real Insights Via Employee Networks), to support our company’s business objectives. DRIVEN represents true innovation in the pharmaceutical industry and allows us to take the best practices from other industries to get the quick, cost-effective and deep insights we need to drive our business forward by asking our own employees to share their experiences.

Through DRIVEN, employees are able to make meaningful contributions to the business in a private, online market research community. This enables efficient and compliant engagement of employees to provide business, customer, brand and research development insights via market research methods.

Other Resources for Employee Feedback

In addition to employee surveys, the “ombudsmen” within our Office of Ethics provide an avenue for employees to raise concerns in confidence, and where necessary, they recommend appropriate action. Our anonymous helpline, which operates in accordance with applicable legal standards for employee-based hotlines, is available 24/7 to listen and provide advice to employees worldwide. Learn more.