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Our Approach


Our company understands that we must rise to the challenge of greater stakeholder expectations.

We also recognize that we can’t solve major health, environmental and economic challenges alone, but must collaborate with others who share our commitment and who bring their own unique expertise to the table. This understanding forms the core of our company’s approach and commitment to stakeholder engagement.

We conduct stakeholder engagement at both the corporate and the local level, depending on the issue. We engage with industry, governments, policy makers, nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), opinion leaders, patient groups, academic organizations, our employees and others to inform our policies, our practices and the development of our products. Our intention is to build lasting relationships with our stakeholders from the outset, to understand their objectives, their expectations of our company and the potential for collaboration, and to enhance their understanding of—and trust in—us.

We strive to exchange information, views and recommendations; share activities and progress against key goals; and work in partnership toward common objectives. Engagement may take the form of one-on-one meetings, expert input forums or roundtable discussions, industry coalitions or formal partnerships.

Stakeholder Review of Our Reporting

In March 2015, a facilitation team convened 10 experts in corporate sustainability and reporting in a secure virtual ThinkTank on Convetit, an online engagement platform. Our goal during these discussions was to listen to our stakeholders’ perspectives and recommendations and to use the insights gained through these and ongoing discussions to inform future reporting.

Over a period of eight days, participants weighed in at their convenience, creating a shared conversation leading to an array of key takeaways in the three primary aspects of our reporting:

  1. Communications
  2. Materiality
  3. Metrics

Participants commended many aspects of our reporting, while also identifying specific areas for improvement. We were pleased with the substantive exchange and candid feedback.

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