We believe we have an important role and responsibility in improving access to medicines, vaccines and quality health care worldwide, thereby helping to reduce the burden of disease around the world.

Access to Health Guiding Principles

Our mission to improve the health and wellness of people around the world by expanding access to medicines and vaccines is one of our company’s five core values. To guide our efforts, we follow our companywide Access to Health Statement of Guiding Principles and our Institutional Business Africa (IBA) Principles, which articulate our approach.

Global Burden of Disease

Our company is addressing 88 percent of the top 20 global burdens of disease with our products and pipeline, including cancer, HIV, diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease.


Barriers to quality care and medical treatment — such as a lack of trained health care professionals, weak infrastructure, civil strife and a shortage of safe water in many parts of the world — make even basic health care delivery difficult at best, and these challenges go well beyond what we can directly address alone.

Awards & Recognition

We have been recognized for our commitment to improve access to health around the world.

Ranked #5 in the 2016 Access to Medicine Index

We believe our role is to work in partnership with others — local communities, governments, donors, patient organizations, health care professionals, nongovernmental organizations, multilateral organizations and others in the private sector — to contribute our expertise and knowledge.

Population Health

We also look at our contributions to improving health through a global population health lens. Because our medicines and vaccines target important health problems that affect millions of people on a global basis, we are — by definition — in the population health business.

Expanding access is a business imperative for optimizing and sustaining our business over the long term. As we strive for continuous improvement in our access approach, we will reevaluate our policies, practices and programs, as well as the metrics we employ to measure our progress, on an ongoing basis.

The SDGs and Access to Health

This interactive graphic indicates which of the UN SDGs most closely align with our mission to save and improve lives.

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