Supporting a Sustainable Food Supply

Protecting the health of animals helps to meet the growing global demand for animal protein by preventing disease-related losses.

  • Joined with eight agricultural sector leaders to form Farming for Generations to pledge support for dairy farmers to adopt regenerative agricultural practices
  • Invited to collaborate in the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) Pre-Harvest Handling of Terrestrial Animals and Farmed Seafood working group
  • Participated as a business member in the European Food Forum, a non-partisan forum led by Members of the European Parliament to encourage policy dialogue on sustainable food systems

Our approach

The United Nations estimates that by 2050 there will be an additional two billion people in the world. To feed them, we will need to help animal producers become more efficient and more sustainable. Our Animal Health business contributes to a sustainable, affordable, and safe food supply.

The World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) estimates that animal disease reduces global food production by at least 20 percent.1 In addition, the land and water available for agricultural use continues to decrease each year. It is crucial that food-producing animals remain healthy and are raised efficiently to meet global demands for sustainable protein.

One of the primary focuses of our Animal Health portfolio of products and services is helping farmers keep their livestock healthy and productive. Targeted intervention with vaccines, anti-parasitics, anti-infectives, and other veterinary medicines and services help protect the health and wellbeing of animals and help producers to avoid and/or limit their production losses.

Fostering future research

According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, research in agriculture is consistently seen to provide high rates of economic return when considered with all rural development investments.2 Sustainable agriculture supports communities and alleviates food insecurity. It also requires continuous innovation. For this reason, our Animal Health business is a strong supporter of researchers seeking to further the field of animal science and productivity.

We sponsor High-Quality Pork, High-Quality Poultry and High-Quality Aquaculture Congresses around the world, at which we additionally award outstanding researchers in each of these respective fields. These High-Quality Congresses are unique regional opportunities for researchers to present their scientific findings among peers in the pursuit of addressing agricultural opportunities, challenges and advancements.

Programs and initiatives

Working in partnerships with others, including:
  • Neogen
  • FutureCow
  • DSM
  • Yara
  • Corteva Agriscience
  • Connectra
  • Wageningen University and Research
  • World Wildlife Fund (WWF) France
  • European Food Forum
  • Consumer Goods Forum
  • CBRE Agribusiness
  • Te Mania Angus
  • Westpac Australia
  • Westpac New Zealand
  • ACM: Australian Community Media

Farming for Generations

In 2019, we joined with eight agricultural sector leaders to form Farming for Generations. The global collaboration identified the important role that dairy farming contributes to sustainable food systems and came together to pledge support for dairy farmers to adopt regenerative agricultural practices. With an eye to the future success of agriculture, the regenerative agriculture techniques will focus on fortifying our planet’s resources, respecting animal welfare, and ensuring economic viability of farming for future generations.

Farming for Generations is led by Danone, and includes MSD Animal Health along with food leaders Neogen, FutureCow, DSM, Yara, Corteva Agriscience, and Connectra. Wageningen University and Research, based in the Netherlands, provides research and advisory partnership. World Wildlife Fund (WWF) France, a national organization of WWF Network and leading conservation organization, also provides guidance.

Farming for Generations will initially work hand-in-hand with 25 dairy farms in the U.S., the European Union and Russia to identify best practice solutions and innovations across different farming models, farm sizes and geographies. Viable and replicable solutions will be shared and scaled up within the full network of the alliance partners.

The Farming for Generations collaboration will help identify solutions across the farming system: growing animal feed, choosing the best animals for breeding programs, nurturing and rearing animals, and producing milk. It will explore regenerative agricultural practices that seek to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, protect soil and biodiversity while providing the best quality feed for dairy cows; support animal health and wellbeing, ensuring cows have a healthy, stress-free life; and empower farmers with workable solutions to economic, social and environmental challenges.

Over the next three years, the alliance will gather cross-sector insights, refine best practices and develop new approaches, which will be shared in a practical toolbox. Farmers will be involved each step of the way, ensuring that practices are viable and suited to local customs and geographic specificities.

Joining global dialogues for sustainable food

As a global animal health company, we provide innovative products, application systems, and services to our customers that reduce environmental impact, improve animal welfare, and optimize animal productivity. We participate in global initiatives to advance agriculture sustainability and food safety.

European Food Forum
We participate as a business member in the European Food Forum. Founded in 2019, the European Food Forum is a non-partisan forum led by members of the European Parliament to encourage policy dialogue on sustainable food systems between elected officials, food industry leaders, research and academic organizations, and civil society organizations. As a business member, we represent the role of animal health companies in supporting the long-term vitality of global food systems.

The Global Food Safety Initiative
Several years ago, our Animal Health business joined the Consumer Goods Forum and committed to support their food safety and sustainability pillars. In 2019 we were invited to collaborate in the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) Pre-Harvest Handling of Terrestrial Animals and Farmed Seafood working group. The working group members include technical experts from retail, food service, industry associations, companies, certification program organizations, and academia. Experts from around the world collaborate to review international farm animal and seafood guidelines and codes in order to provide recommendations to the GFSI Benchmarking Requirements.

Zanda McDonald Award
Allflex’s operations in Australia and New Zealand have supported the Zanda McDonald Award since founding it in 2014. The Zanda McDonald Award was created to honor one of Australia’s leading cattle ranchers after his sudden death in an accident on his Queensland cattle property in 2013. The award recognizes future innovators in the agriculture industry and helps them to progress in their field. We contribute to the Zanda McDonald Award in partnership with CBRE Agribusiness, Te Mania Angus, Westpac Australia and Westpac New Zealand, and ACM: Australian Community Media.

Winners of the Zanda McDonald Award receive a suite of professional development tools, including an industry-focused educational tour around Australasia, a $2,000 monetary award, and mentoring from agricultural leaders in Australia and New Zealand. These tools propel young agriculture professionals in their careers and empower them to create positive change in their operations and in their field of production. With just one to two recipients selected per year, the Zanda McDonald award is recognized as one of the most competitive and prestigious awards in the Australasia region.