Frequently Asked Questions

We are committed to increasing transparency in our reporting and continue to engage with stakeholders on those issues and concerns that matter most—both to our stakeholders and to the future success of our company.

We believe that the best way to address the concerns, risks and questions facing our business, and to build a foundation of trust, is to be more transparent about the way we operate.

Why is your company publishing this report?

We published this online report to provide information about our approach to corporate responsibility, as well as background on our initiatives. We seek to be clear not only about our opportunities, but also about the challenges we face, what we are doing to address them, and why.

Where can your company’s 2019 performance data be found?

This website serves as our comprehensive report, and thus contains metrics and information pertinent to our corporate responsibility performance and activities. You can find our key performance indicators on the Performance Data page, and performance data related to specific topics can be found on the sections associated with those issues. All our performance data found on the website can also be downloaded on an Excel spreadsheet.

What does this report contain?

Our 2019/2020 Corporate Responsibility Report includes quantitative data for the calendar year from January 1 to December 31, 2019, unless otherwise noted. To ensure that readers have the most up-to-date information, some of the narrative in the report is about decisions and initiatives that took place in 2020. Based on feedback from stakeholders and the company’s own analysis, our reporting focuses on four broad topics:

For each of these issues, the report details the challenges we face as a company, our strategy and our performance.

We have also identified corporate responsibility issues that internal and external stakeholders have identified as having significant financial, operational or reputational impact on the company, and illustrate where our company can have a significant impact on society and the environment. These can be found within the Corporate Responsibility Materiality section of this report.

We are also using several external guidelines and measurement frameworks to inform the scope of our reporting, including the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Standards, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) and the UN Global Compact.

Do you report in accordance with the global reporting initiative (GRI)?

Yes, our company’s online corporate responsibility report as well as our 2019 ESG report has been prepared in alignment with the GRI Standards. The Standards offer a useful framework for transparent reporting about environmental, social and governance (ESG) performance. Greater transparency on such matters is beneficial to our business, because it helps to inform our stakeholders and also enables us to compare performance with peers on relevant metrics. We believe that this will help us focus on continuously improving the things that matter most.

Has the 2019/2020 report received independent external verification?

WSP conducted an independent third-party review of our 2019 greenhouse gas and water inventories and provided limited assurance for the data that we submit to CDP and for inclusion in the Corporate Responsibility Report. Please see WSP’s limited assurance of our environmental data for details.

While we did not obtain external verification, we did speak with numerous external stakeholders, representing a variety of constituencies, about the company’s planned approach to reporting, our corporate responsibility materiality assessment process and the broad material areas upon which we planned to report. The company reflects these consultations, where feasible and appropriate, on our website, and will use the insights gained through these and continuing discussions with stakeholders to inform future reporting.

Were stakeholders’ views obtained?

Yes, we did speak with external stakeholders representing a variety of constituencies about our company’s planned approach to reporting as well as part of our corporate responsibility materiality assessment process. Learn more about our stakeholder engagement process and our recent corporate responsibility materiality assessment.

Will you issue updates to this report throughout the year?

We publish our Corporate Responsibility Report on an annual basis, but we do update the transparency disclosures section as new information becomes available.

When will you publish your next report?

We plan to publish our next comprehensive responsibility report in 2021.

How can feedback about your corporate responsibility programs be submitted?

Your feedback is important to us and will be helpful for the development of future reports. Please visit the Contact Us page.

Are hard copies of the report available upon request?

Our comprehensive corporate responsibility report is an online report. Beginning this year, we now publish a corresponding ESG Report. You may download a copy of our 2019 ESG Report but we no longer print copies of our comprehensive report.