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Employee Well-Being

We are committed to helping our employees and their families be healthy and stay safe.

Only when our employees feel their best, in all aspects of their lives, can they perform at their highest level. We believe that well-being is a holistic approach that includes physical, emotional and financial well-being, as well as safety to employees and their family members at all life stages. We are working hard to advance a culture of well-being to make the healthy choice the easy choice and the valued choice within our organization.

We are applying the principles that support global population health to our own employee population—including dependents and, potentially, other members of our communities. We strive to offer services and programs and to create work environments that address the continuum of population health management—for those who are well, those at risk, those with acute or chronic illnesses and those requiring highly complex care.

We are actively collaborating in and integrating programs and policies to improve employee health and safety, reduce injury and illness and improve workforce productivity. These goals include increasing physical movement/activity, expanding access to healthier foods, enhancing policies to eliminate tobacco within our campuses, providing education and tools to help mitigate the effects of stress, and collaborating with our Environmental, Health & Safety teams to build a culture of health in addition to our long-standing commitment to a culture of safety.



As part of our commitment to becoming a leader in employee health and well-being, we brought together our health and wellness offerings under one brand called LIVE ITLIVE IT serves as a call to action for employees to take control of their health and live their best lives.

Our LIVE IT continuum of well-being includes four pillars: PREVENT IT, BALANCE IT, MOVE IT and FUEL IT. It is a holistic approach to well-being designed by and for our company’s employees and their families. We promote offerings within each of these areas to engage and enhance the lives of our employees.

Live It logo that includes the program’s four pillars: Prevent It, Balance It, Fuel It, Move It


LIVE IT was launched in the United States in 2011. As of January 2019, LIVE IT has reached more than 68,000 employees in 65 countries, representing 99 percent of the workforce, and it continues to be made available to remaining colleagues.

In 2018, we were recognized for our efforts in employee well-being by several national and global organizations including:

  • The National Business Group on Health’s Best Employers for Healthy Lifestyles®Award (Gold recognition)
  • The Global Business Group on Health’s Global Distinction Award
  • The American Heart Association’s Workplace Health Achievement Index (Silver recognition)
  • CEO Cancer Gold Standard™ by the CEO Cancer Roundtable

Total Rewards

We recognize that our employees are critical to our mission to save and improve lives. One way in which we do this is to provide a valuable suite of compensation and benefit programs, as well as resources to support our employees’ professional achievements. Together, we call these “Total Rewards.”

Total Rewards include compensation and financial rewards, health and insurance benefits, opportunities for employees to develop their skills and grow their careers and programs that help meet the demands of managing employees’ professional and personal well-being. Our philosophy behind these programs is rooted in maintaining our competitive position in the market while providing a comprehensive and valuable package of rewards to attract and retain a talented and diverse workforce.

myTotalRewards is an online personalized resource that provides U.S. employees with a simple, consolidated view of their total compensation and financial rewards at our company. For most active employees (certain groups are excluded, such as those that are subject to collective bargaining), myTotalRewards contains the following detailed information:

Money: Annual pay, cash incentives and our company’s estimated contribution to pension, 401(k), insurance and other benefits

Health Benefits: The value of the key health benefits in which an employee participates, including medical, dental and vision coverage

Retirement & Long-Term Incentives: Retirement benefits and long-term incentives—and how they’ve performed over time

Other Rewards: Other benefits available, such as educational assistance, K–12 educational guidance and financial planning

In the U.S., employees have the option of banking through our company’s credit union, which offers competitive interest rates on savings accounts and lending.


Our health and well-being, retirement and insurance programs draw from best practices to ensure quality, competitive value, protection from significant financial hardship and access to tools and resources to support employees and their family members at all life stages.

In the U.S., we generally offer health, life, disability and business travel insurance as well as retirement income benefits to all employees, including those who work part-time. Employees also can opt to contribute to tax-free Flexible Spending Accounts for reimbursement of certain health spending and/or dependent care costs.

Outside the U.S., while benefits may vary by region and country, we offer health, life and injury, disability and business travel insurance, along with retirement income benefits. In addition, in many countries, where legally permitted, including the U.S., we extend health care and various insurance benefits to employees’ domestic partners and their partners’ eligible dependent children.

Health advocacy (U.S.)

Within the United States, we partner with a health advocacy company to help employees and their families navigate the health care and health insurance system. Health Advocate is designed to make employees’ lives easier by saving hours of effort, with activities such as:

  • Helping to resolve complicated medical and dental insurance claims
  • Finding doctors, providers and facilities
  • Scheduling appointments for physicians, treatments and tests
  • Securing second opinions
  • Assisting with eldercare and Medicare issues
  • Getting cost estimates for medical procedures
  • Assisting in the transfer of medical records
  • Researching and locating the latest treatments
  • Locating work-life resources