Physical Well-Being

Physical Well-Being

Every day our employees are resolutely focused on their quest to save and improve the lives of people around the world.

Living this mission starts with ensuring that our employees are caring about themselves, their families and their communities. Global Employee Health works closely with Global Benefits and Global Population Health to provide a wide range of health and wellness services and work-life programs to our employees, retirees and their covered dependents.

These offerings cover the continuum of care for those who are well, those at risk, those with acute or chronic illnesses, and those requiring complex or catastrophic care. Many of these services and programs are provided at on-site employee health clinics or through programs managed by our vendor partners. These all work in conjunction with our comprehensive coverage through our health benefits offerings.

Through LIVE IT1, our company offers a health and wellness website to all eligible U.S.-based employees (except those covered by collective bargaining agreement) and their dependents. The site features a Personal Health Assessment (PHA), online interactive health tools and information, health-coaching programs and more. Over 75 percent of eligible U.S. employees have registered to access the site, and 70 percent of those who registered have completed the PHA to date. The website is designed to raise awareness about an individual’s health status and to motivate employees to manage and improve their health and well-being. It includes topical health summaries based on scientific evidence and links to reliable health care information. Mobile technology solutions continue to be added to help employees more conveniently manage their health.

The online PHA is promoted during annual enrollment each fall. Once employees, spouses or partners complete the PHA, they receive a customized report that summarizes their health status and offers suggestions for personal goal-setting. Anyone who takes the assessment and wants to work on an identified health risk has access to a telephonic personal health coach or an online lifestyle coach who provides advice and encouragement and regularly monitors progress. Approximately 16 percent of employees engaged with a personal health coach during 2017.

Results from the PHA are used to help develop programs such as Weight Watchers our weight management program, which consists of both the  Reimbursement Program (on-site Weight Watchers at work meetings) and Healthy Solutions® at Home, a clinically proven weight-loss program featuring meal replacements and personal coaching, offered through our subsidiary HMR Weight Management Services Corp.

We are also committed to providing a safe workplace for all of our employees around the world and to complying fully with all applicable country and local safety laws and regulations. We strive to eliminate work-related injuries, illnesses and unplanned events from our global operations through comprehensive safety programs that are part of our overall Environmental, Health & Safety management system. The design of our facilities and processes, our process controls, our protection systems, and our emergency response capabilities are critical components of our overall effort to minimize the frequency and severity of safety and environmental incidents.

Learn more about Employee Safety.


The majority of our sites offer on-site health clinics that provide an array of services to help our employees stay or get well. Specific services include:

Annual Flu Shots and Pandemic Flu Planning—Most of our sites around the world offer employees annual flu shots. In the U.S., our Global Employee Health group provides annual flu shots at no cost to employees at site-based employee health clinics. In addition, with guidance from Global Employee Health, most of our sites have also developed site-specific pandemic flu preparedness plans, employing a variety of countermeasures that focus on heightened awareness and tactical procedures.

Vaccinations—Our on-site clinics in the U.S., as well as many around the world, offer employees both occupational vaccinations (including travel-related vaccinations) and non-occupational vaccinations for such diseases as pneumonia and influenza. In the U.S., each year in May, we run a campaign to promote and raise awareness of the pneumococcal vaccine. We also conduct vaccination clinics off-site during our National U.S. Sales Meetings to offer the same level of convenience to our field-based employees that our site-based employees enjoy. Through the Express Scripts Retail Vaccination Program available in our U.S. medical plan, applicable to most U.S.-based employees, participants may also receive certain vaccinations at participating retail pharmacies without member coinsurance/copay.

Lab, Acute Episodic Health Care and Other Services—Many of our on-site clinics offer employees the opportunity for lipid, blood glucose and other laboratory services, including blood collection ordered by a personal physician. Each year during the annual enrollment period in the U.S., employees can make an appointment to have their biometric screening done in preparation for their annual PHA. All individual employee medical information is kept confidential and only aggregate health data is shared outside the clinic.

Automatic External Defibrillator Program and Emergency Response—At many of our sites, on-site health clinic staff responds to medical emergencies while also working with volunteers who help as emergency responders. Our Global Employee Health group provides direct oversight for automatic external defibrillators and associated training, provided at many of our sites in the U.S.

Most Global Employee Health clinics also provide non-work-related acute episodic health care, including the diagnosis and treatment of minor non-occupational illnesses or injuries; health maintenance counseling; and appropriate referral to specialty services. In addition, to support new mothers returning to work, our clinics offer work-site lactation programs. “Lunch and Learn” programs and site-based wellness activities, including walking and weight-reduction programs, are also available at some sites.


As a global organization, our company has numerous operating divisions and work assignments—each with its own requirements. Particular work assignments may involve potential exposure to one or more occupational hazards, such as noise, mixtures of chemicals, or hazardous biological compounds. Our company maintains a concerted effort to assess and control workplace hazards (chemical, biological and physical) and to make sure that each employee’s work assignment is safe and consistent with his or her evaluated capabilities.

Occupational health programs are developed and implemented in accordance with identified health risks and applicable regulatory requirements. In the event that an employee becomes injured or ill while performing his or her job, we have programs in place for treatment and rehabilitation.

Our company’s Global Employee Health professionals are clinically trained and dedicated to supporting efficient and effective quality health care for employees who become injured or ill as a result of their work. They advise on and coordinate health care with providers or agencies to ensure a smooth treatment-and-recovery process, while complying with both company and applicable regulatory record-keeping requirements.

Tobacco-Free Workplace Global Policy

According to the World Health Organization, tobacco is the leading cause of death, illness and impoverishment in the world today. Tobacco-free workplaces are essential to providing comfortable work environments that protect health and decrease the risk of developing tobacco-related illnesses.

We aim to adopt a global, comprehensive, tobacco-free worksite policy over the next few years. This policy will prohibit the use of all tobacco products on workplace property, including outdoors, in parking areas and in company vehicles, by everyone at all times.

Starting in the U.S., our goal is to be 100 percent tobacco free by 2019. Currently 69 percent of our employees in the U.S. work in comprehensive tobacco free sites. Our goal is to be a Global Tobacco Free Company by the end of 2020.


We offer access to on-site fitness centers at several large U.S. facilities, as well as at other company facilities around the world. In countries where on-site fitness centers are not available, membership fee reimbursement or discounts are provided in accordance with local market practice.

In the U.S., professional fitness managers organize voluntary programs and events to encourage employees to eat well, manage their weight, exercise and participate in various fitness challenges and other special events. We also offer on-site massage therapy services at these centers at a reasonable cost to employees. Often, nonmembers can participate in the fitness centers’ special programs for a nominal fee.


What we eat and drink affects our daily physical and mental well-being and our longer-term health and resilience. To contribute to a healthy work culture, we work with our on-site food vendor at most of our U.S. facilities to increase the availability and visibility of healthy food choices and to raise awareness of proper nutrition. Employees also receive discounts for healthy food purchases. In addition, many of our sites around the globe have cafeterias that offer healthy food options and nutrition education. Our food vendor is an integral partner of our LIVE IT team, and we jointly sponsor healthy eating events that correspond with the National Health Calendar.


Within the United States, we partner with a health advocacy company  to help employees and their families navigate the complicated health care and health insurance system. Health Advocate is designed to make employees’ lives easier by saving hours of effort, with activities such as:

  • Helping to resolve complicated medical and dental insurance claims
  • Finding doctors, providers and facilities
  • Scheduling appointments for physicians, treatments and tests
  • Securing second opinions
  • Assisting with eldercare and Medicare issues
  • Getting cost estimates for medical procedures
  • Assisting in the transfer of medical records
  • Researching and locating the latest treatments
  • Locating work-life resources

The program is available to all U.S.-based employees and their dependents (other than those covered by collective bargaining agreement) at no cost, and is also available to employees’ parents and parents-in-law for any health care or eldercare issues they may be facing. During 2017, more than 3,500 cases from 13,525 interactions with eligible members were managed through health advocacy.


We have partnered with our health plan providers in the U.S. to enhance the care management our members receive through an innovative single-nurse care model. Through this voluntary and confidential program, employees and their family members have access to a nurse who is dedicated to helping manage any chronic condition, such as diabetes, asthma and heart disease, in addition to providing support for severe and complex episodes of care, including cancer, high-risk pregnancies/Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, transplants and infusion therapy, as well as inpatient admissions and obtaining appropriate services and treatment plans.


The Disability Leave team and our Global Employee Health group work with external vendors in the U.S. to develop and implement short- and long-term disability management and return-to-work policies and programs. Optimizing the health and productivity of our employees is a key goal of these efforts. Our centralized Workplace EnABLEment program in the U.S. ensures that employees with apparent and non-apparent disabilities are able to be accommodated, where feasible, to enable them to work to their full potential.


We are committed to ensuring the health and safety of our employees who travel on business, especially to international locations. Our Global Employee Health group maintains up-to-date information about infectious diseases that are prevalent in all countries and their required immunizations. Business travelers are given any required immunizations, information on health conditions in the country of their destination, a traveler’s guide, a travel kit containing over-the-counter medications they may need and an international emergency travel-assistance card. Employees may also consult with a Global Employee Health–licensed health care provider for specific travel-related prescription medications that may be needed during travel, possible preventive medical care prior to departure, information regarding the availability of medical care in the country of destination and the possibility of medical care after return, as needed.

1. Privacy is important to us. No personal health information related to participation in LIVE IT is shared with the company.