Learning & Development

Learning & Development

To support our global employee base, we sponsor curriculum that builds leadership and management skills as well as providing technical and functional training to all employees.

The Global Learning & Development organization, under the leadership of the chief learning officer, deploys a global approach to maximizing the value of learning & development investments by leveraging resources, educational platforms and other synergies across the enterprise to deliver learning solutions designed to optimize business and customer outcomes.

Our commitment and investment in learning & development serve as the foundation for global employee development, aligned with our business strategy, and are foundational to fostering a learning culture within our company.


In partnership with the Human Resources Talent Management team, the Leadership, Learning & Development department (LL&D) is reaching deeper, wider and earlier into the organization to develop top talent. We are striving to develop a cross-functional general management mind-set, enterprisewide knowledge of the business, and end-to-end thinking for top talent and potential leaders early in their careers.

Investments and programs that support the development of key talent include the Executive Development Program, the Enterprise Leadership Program, the Women’s Leadership Program and the Business Leadership Program. Each has a very specific targeted audience and blended learning objectives.


Management Foundations is a comprehensive program that focuses on building core, common and critical knowledge and skills for new managers. Using a variety of learning methods, new managers focus on what they will need to know and do to be effective in their role and to gain the knowledge and skills to manage others.

In addition to foundational management skills, we offer a suite of programs for experienced managers that are driven by key topics integral to the organization, like strategic planning, innovation and influencing others.


For teams, there is a suite of programs that provide skills and tools for team leaders and team members, including Leading High Performing Teams, Virtual Teaming, Assessing Team Performance, Teaming Fundamentals, and Insights Discovery, a program to understand communications styles.

Tools and resources

Our talent tracking system, myCareer, serves as our global gateway to professional development, performance management, talent management and learning across the company. It keeps track of employee development plans, performance objectives and ratings, career aspirations (desired next roles and mobility preferences), experience (both outside of and within the company), language proficiency, certifications and education. The primary business purpose of myCareer is to facilitate more effective, consistent and efficient companywide performance management, talent reviews, succession planning, and associated employee performance and development processes through a single, integrated and automated global system of record for critical talent data about our employees. This helps to ensure that our workforce continues to realign itself with company objectives.

Leadership Development Center
The Leadership Development Center is a website that features videos, articles, program announcements and resources for leaders and managers. Resources are aligned to our leadership behaviors, professional competencies, and functional competencies, and are available in the following formats: “on-demand” Web-based modules, classroom programs, articles, books (including audio books), webcasts and suggestions for “on-the-job” development activities.


Total course completions for all employees 4.2 million
Hours* of training for all employees 2.1 million
Course completions per employee 60
* Based on average of 30 minutes per course.

In 2016, the number of leaders who participated in a program was more than double the number of 2015 participants.

Number of leaders who participated in leadership, learning and development programs9,500
Number of leaders who participated in a Learning Community 10,000
Number of visitors to the Leadership Development Center 6,700