Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct, Our Values and Standards, is considered to be a foundation of our company’s success. These values and standards apply worldwide, wherever our company does business.



Our Code of Conduct, Our Values and Standards, available in 23 languages, applies to all employees worldwide. In April 2017, we published the fourth edition of Our Values and Standards. While the look and feel of the new edition may have changed, Our Values and Standards continues to lead us on the principled path to being a company worthy of trust. It represents the very core of our character as a company and helps us to protect the reputation we have earned as a company.

With the launch of the new Our Value & Standards interactive website, employees can search for a relevant policy, ask a question or raise a concern. The website also offers tools and resources to help employees put our values into action with every decision and every action.


We provide training to all employees worldwide on our Code of Conduct to ensure awareness of Our Values and Standards, as well as of a variety of associated topics such as privacy, information management and protection, and corruption and bribery. Ethics and compliance content is also integrated into business and leadership development courses for managers and senior leaders on an ongoing basis. Ethics and integrity are key leadership competencies that are assessed as part of annual performance reviews and play an integral role in our decisions about employee advancement within the company.


We abide by strict ethical standards in our own operations—and we insist on equivalent standards from our suppliers. Our Business Partner Code of Conduct is based on our own Code of Conduct, as well as on the Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Initiative’s (PCSI’s) Pharmaceutical Industry Principles and the Ten Principles of the UN Global Compact.

Learn more about how we work with our suppliers to uphold ethical standards.


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Employees trained on the Code of Conduct92%99%99%99%100%
Employees who have taken the annual Code of Conduct refresher courseNA99%99%99%100%
NA: Not available.