Philanthropy is an important component of our company’s commitment to corporate responsibility, and is a visible demonstration of our efforts to improve access to health and to strengthen communities where our employees live and work.

Product Donations

It’s not enough to discover and develop new medicines and vaccines. We also need to help get them to the people who need them, whether they live in communities with a fundamental lack of access to health care and services or are affected by acute or protracted humanitarian crises.

Priorities & Performance

Our giving priorities strengthen the effectiveness and impact of our company’s philanthropy by focusing on areas of global health need in which we have substantial expertise and capability. We also provide financial support and share the expertise of our employees through grant and volunteer programs that address critical health needs and selected social issues in communities in which we have a presence.

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Disaster Relief

During 2017, a series of hurricanes, earthquakes and wildfires resulted in widespread destruction across the southern United States, the Caribbean, California and Mexico. Our company worked with humanitarian agencies in support of relief efforts, providing approximately $24 million in donated medicines and vaccines as well as financial contributions.

Neighbor of Choice Program

Our Neighbor of Choice (NOC) community program supports the work of local nonprofit organizations that strive to improve people’s quality of life and to preserve the environment in communities in which we have a presence.

Grant Application Guidelines

Through our philanthropic programs, we have the ability to make a positive difference by addressing complex global health challenges and improving the quality of life in communities in which we have a presence.

Fellowship for Global Health

The MSD Fellowship for Global Health is a three-month, field-based corporate pro bono program designed to leverage the skills and talents of our employees worldwide. Between 2012 and 2017, 159 Richard T. Clark (RTC) Fellows from 29 countries have worked for 36 nonprofit organizations.

The SDGs and Our Giving

This interactive graphic indicates which of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) most closely aligns with our philanthropic and volunteering efforts.

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