Priorities & Performance

Priorities & Performance

Philanthropy is an important component of our company’s commitment to corporate responsibility, and is a visible demonstration of our efforts to improve access to health and to strengthen communities where our employees live and work.



Through our philanthropic programs, we have the ability to bring about positive change by addressing complex global health challenges and improving the quality of life in communities where we have a presence.

Grant Application Guidelines


Several key principles guide our philanthropic investments and program portfolio.

We seek to:

  • Address critical global health needs where we can have a meaningful impact
  • Collaborate with key partners to optimize our effectiveness
  • Leverage not only cash and product donations but also expertise and capabilities across our company


Our giving priorities strengthen the effectiveness and impact of our company’s philanthropy by focusing on areas of global health need in which we have substantial expertise and capability.

Our priorities are:

Improve health care quality and health system capacity while also increasing access to care for underserved populations in areas where there are specific health challenges that have relevance to our company, namely Alzheimer’s disease, cancer, diabetes, and HIV/AIDS. Through our program investments, we aim to support interventions that have shown evidence of effectiveness in advancing the quality of health services delivery, reducing health care disparities, fostering innovation in the delivery of health care, and empowering patients as active participants in managing their own health.

Provide financial support and share the expertise of our employees through grant and volunteer programs that address critical health needs and selected social issues in communities where we have a presence.


Grants & Contributions 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017
Grants and contributions (total cash, in-kind and product) (in millions) $1,860 $1,543 $1,820 $2,238 $2,722
Cash grants and contributions (in millions) $107 $111 $133 $117 $94
Product donations through U.S. Patient Assistance Program (in millions) $566 $433 $567 $798 $1,112
Product donations for ex-U.S. programs and U.S. disaster relief (in millions)1 $1,185 $997 $1,117 $1,320 $1,513
Valuation of employee volunteer time (in-kind, in millions)2 $2.0 $2.2 $2.9 $2.6 $3.2
1. Includes our Medical Outreach Program (including U.S. disaster relief), the African Comprehensive HIV/AIDS Partnerships, the MECTIZAN® Donation Program, the GARDASIL® Access Program (2012–2014 only), and MSD division and subsidiary donations.
2. Includes valuation of volunteer time for only those employees who participated in the MSD Fellowship for Global Health program and our company’s Pro Bono Legal and other skills-based volunteer programs.