Product Donations

Product Donations

It’s not enough to discover and develop new medicines and vaccines. We also need to help get them to the people who need them.



One important way to achieve that goal is through donations of medicines and vaccines that address specific health needs, whether in communities with a fundamental lack of access to health care and services or in acute or protracted humanitarian crises.

Our product donation programs and initiatives include:

MECTIZAN® Donation Program
One of the most significant initiatives undertaken by our company to help enable access to medicines in developing countries. Established 30 years ago, the MECTIZAN Donation Program is the longest-running disease-specific drug donation program and public-private partnership of its kind, and is widely regarded as one of the most successful public-private health collaborations in the world.

Medical Outreach Program
The primary mechanism through which we donate our pharmaceuticals and vaccines for humanitarian assistance in the developing world and in support of disaster relief and emergency response worldwide.

U.S. Patient Assistance Programs
We provide our company’s medicines and adult vaccines free of charge to people who do not have prescription drug or health insurance coverage and who, without our assistance, could not otherwise afford them.


MECTIZAN® (IVERMECTIN)20122013201420152016
Direct investment in the MECTIZAN Donation Program (in millions)$5.50$5.50$5.50$5.80$3.74
Total treatments approved (in millions)1229295257176283
Treatments approved for river blindness85128395564
Treatments approved for lymphatic filariasis (LF)10912714794141
Treatments approved for joint river blindness and LF programs 3540712778
Market value of MECTIZAN donations (in millions) $906$1,092$861$1,083$1,187
Value of donations of medicines, vaccines and consumer care products (in millions)2,3,4$86.30$69.40$110.20$31.10$31.12
Disaster relief contributions (product) (in millions)2$0.78$2.40$8.50$4.70$13.41
30-day prescriptions filled (millions)
Total value of our company's medicines dispensed (in millions)5$559.00$566.40$432.90$566.60$798.00
1. Additional detail from previous reports to provide more detailed breakdown of donation by disease.
2. We set the value of our product donations based on the U.S. wholesale acquisition cost.
3. Figure includes the value of product donations through the MMOP program only.
4. The 2014 figure does not include donations of our company's consumer care items. All our Consumer Care donations made in 2014 are captured in the subsidiary and divisional figure ($2.8M in 2014). Effective October 1, 2014, Bayer AG purchased our company's Consumer Care business.
5. Totals are based on the U.S. wholesale acquisition cost (WAC) and cover all programs.