Stakeholder Engagement

We recognize that we can’t address major health, environmental and economic challenges alone, so we collaborate with others who share our commitment and who bring their own unique expertise to the table.

We conduct stakeholder engagement at both the corporate and the local level, depending on the issue. We engage with industry, governments, policy makers, nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), opinion leaders, patient groups, academic organizations, our employees, and others to inform our policies, our practices, and the development of our products. Our intention is to build lasting relationships with our stakeholders; to understand their objectives, their expectations of our company, and the potential for collaboration; and to enhance mutual trust and understanding.

We strive to exchange information, views and recommendations; to share activities and progress toward key goals; and to work in partnership toward common objectives. Engagement may take the form of one-on-one meetings, expert-input forums, roundtable discussions, industry coalitions, or formal partnerships.

We engage with a diverse group of stakeholders to more fully understand their needs and expectations, and to gain insights that can inform our efforts to improve access to health care and foster progress toward solutions that benefit society and support our business.

Patients and caregivers

We embrace the opportunity to engage with individual patients, patient advocacy organizations, and caregivers to better understand their health care journeys, expected outcomes and decision-making considerations.

For more information on our work with patient groups, please visit our Patient Engagement page.

Health care professionals

We are committed to providing appropriate and balanced information to physicians and other health care providers about our medicines, vaccines and ongoing research.

For more information on our interactions with health care professionals, please visit our Engaging with Health Care Professionals page.


We work with payers worldwide to inform their understanding of the relationship between the prices of our products and the true value they deliver to patients and health care systems.

To learn more about our access initiatives, please visit our Affordability page.

Governments, multilateral organizations and regulators

We work with policy makers, legislators, multilateral organizations, and governments worldwide to ensure that policy and regulatory environments globally, nationally, and locally foster patient access to medicines and vaccines, and that they are conducive to ethical business practices, science and innovation.

Learn more about our public policy and advocacy positions on our Public Policy page.


We strive to create shareholder value by identifying opportunities to meet customer needs and by managing our business responsibly to achieve superior financial results over the long term.

Learn more about how we engage with shareholders on our Investor Relations page.

International and local organizations

We work hard to identify the best organizations and individuals to collaborate with in order to address societal challenges and to inform debate on pressing issues.

For more information about how we collaborate with others, please visit our Access to Health Overview, Medical Outreach Program and Addressing Barriers to Health pages, as well as many other pages throughout this site.

Local communities

We work toward developing culturally appropriate mechanisms to engage and build relationships with our local community stakeholders.

For more information on our contributions to communities, please visit our Philanthropy and Supporting Our Communities pages.

Environmental stakeholders

We work to reduce the environmental effects of our operations and products and to promote sustainable environmental practices within the company, among our partners, and throughout our supply chain.

For more information on our environmental performance, please visit the Environmental Sustainability pages on this site.


We strive to foster a positive and inclusive working environment for our employees by providing resources to improve their health and that of their families, opportunities to further their professional development, and ways to get more involved in the communities where they live.

For more information on our employee relations, please visit our Engaging Our Employees page.

Suppliers and business partners

We strive to engage a diverse supplier base and to encourage responsible approaches on the part of suppliers regarding labor, employment, human rights, health and safety, ethics, diversity, and protection of the environment.

For more information on our approach to procurement and supplier relations, please visit our Sourcing & Supplier Relations page.

Trade and industry associations

We engage with stakeholders through membership in numerous organizations. Within these groups, we aim to inform relevant debates in ways that are constructive and that ultimately foster improved patient access to medicines and vaccines globally.

For more information, please visit our Public Policy page.

We welcome your comments, questions and feedback to help guide the development of our programs, our reporting efforts and our corporate responsibility website.

Please visit our Contact Us page for directions for how to reach us.